March 24, 2023
How to a Good Citizen

How to a Good Citizen

A good citizen is an asset for a nation. To be a good citizen you have to prepare yourself to do good work
in society. But there are a question how can you prepare yourself to be a good citizen

  • To be a good citizen we need both formal and informal education, knowledge and skill. A good
    citizen has patriotism. He loves his country more than his life.
  • We should teach behaviors, morality to the youngers as well as show respect to the elders and
    sympathy to the poor. We also need to ensure social security and man-woman coexistence.

Make a good citizen need to some information

To be a good citizen first you need knowledge. Today’s society is knowledge based. Without having
knowledge of modern sciences, technologies, including ICT and other necessary subjects you will
have difficulty living a good life. The other areas you, as a good citizen, should have knowledge
about are

  • Your country, its constitution, geography and people;
  • Your state, its executive and legislative powers;
  • Your judicial system.
  • Your government and its structures and functions;
  • Your history, culture, traditions, literature, moral values, and religions
  • Your socio-economic activities and educational system

Secondly, you need skills to do things. Knowledge is not enough. You must be able to apply your
knowledge to do things practically.

Finally, knowing and doing things will bring about a change in your behavior towards others. This
behavioral change will show your attitudes towards others, that is , it will show how you think and
feel about adperson or thing.

Then, you start working in groups. You can start group work with your teacher, friends or family
member. In each group you take turns discussing points and answering questions. In this way you
can actually do the task.

Lastly, through regular group work it is expected that there will be noticeable changes in your
behavior. Possible changes are:

  • You will develop the skill of speaking freely in English with your classmates and teachers.
  • Your shyness will gradually disappear.
  • You will develop the attitude of helping and cooperating with each other.
  • You will learn to behave in a democratic way.
  • Most important these behavioral changes taking place in you inside the group will be carried over.
  • outside the group in real life situations. And finally you will be a good citizen for your country.

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